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Medem weaves a latent and pervasive natural terror to propel the film with a weirdly "earthy", mysterious, and disturbing subtext that brings to mind David Lynch's "Blue Velvet."It's a surprising and captivating film devoid of the usual Hollywood cliches. The movie operates on several levels and is unified by a ubiquitous yellow lighting.

It's a weird, sensual, and beautiful film to watch with interesting characters, excellent tension, and simply luscious sex scenes.

He also falls for the town's teenage tramp, the white-hot, black-leather wearing Mari, who falls in love with him after one passionate night.

This off-beat Spanish romance chronicles his relationships with the two women while also dealing with his strange relationship to his alter ego who may, or may not be, an angel.

The film also features a dramatic score courtesy of composer Alberto Iglesias (The Constant Gardener).

Tierra (Earth), a quirky, romantic dramedy from Sex and Lucia director Julio Medem, stars Carmelo Gómez (Vacas) as Ángel, a pest control specialist (and recently released mental patient) working the soil in Spanish wine country to rid the terrain of destructive grubs.

More accessible than his earlier work, it's a veritable house of cards, its intricate structure requiring a steady hand to prevent the entire edifice (or rather, artifice) from tumbling down.Unexpectedly, Ángel will find romance and adventure beyond his wildest imagination when he falls for two of the locals: the earthy and soulful farmer's wife, Ángela (Emma Suárez, The Red Squirrel); and the sensuous, amorous (and much too young) Mari (Silke, The Dark Hour).Tierra's flights of fancy include spectral doppelgangers, irate migrant gypsies, fierce lightning storms, and one very jealous husband.Obsessed with the concept of eternal love, Otto promises his divorced mother that he will never abandon her.But then he discovers that his dad's new girlfriend is the mother of Ana, the girl he worships from afar.

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