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Over a span of three decades, the program has helped tens of millions of Americans afford basic phone service.But as communications technologies and markets evolve, the Lifeline program also has to evolve to remain relevant.Americans need broadband to keep a job, as companies increasing require basic digital literacy skills.We rely on broadband to manage and receive healthcare, and to help our children do their homework.The research papers included in the book are masterfully assembled by Professor Kabir Hassan: a recognized pioneering and prolific author, teacher and researcher in economics in general and in RF (Riba Free) Islamic economics, banking and finance.Most published books in the field focus on the theory and/or application of Islamic life, economics and finance.The reader of this great new book will enjoy getting introduced to a new dimension of research dealing with empirical findings.

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Nurzaman, the head of the Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Agency, said laboratory tests showed the animals died from strychnine poisoning, a toxic substance often used as rodent poison."The poison is commonly used to kill stray dogs that may spread rabies. So it is a clue as to who may have killed the animals."A tiger cub named Ayu also suffered from poison symptoms but is now recovering.

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This principle has remained constant since Lifeline’s inception.

In 1996, Congress ratified the goal of access to advanced communications for low-income consumers in the Communications Act.

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