Dating for teachers

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I've seen a few nurses but almost all the mail I get contain the words "I'm a teacher too."Cause I know ppl who do that say such things.

People tend to think that teachers are extraverted, but I recalling hearing that college professors as a whole are introverted.

Is there any specific reason why there are so many single females in those professions? nurses tend to have caregiving personalities (my mother was a nurse for about 40 years).

you find the same characteristic in teachers (i taught for years).

I do not like hearing the whines about the salaries, but I know it does discourage many wonderful would be teachers. I'm sure running after little kids is physically draining too.

The reality is that if anyone is saving up for their home or a fancy vacation or paying off a student loan, then a second job makes sense to meet their goal faster. I would think this is especially true of teachers in 20's and 30's that are just settling down in both profession and life. I know a friend that just graduated from the hospital unit clerk course (nowhere close to bein a nurse) and she tells everyone sge is a nurse. These are demanding careers, but there's not much authority.

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