Books on dating your ex husband

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Again and again, she thinks through the events leading up to and including the divorce itself—to find their true meaning and ultimately to accept it.In the thick of battle it was impossible to reflect on and interpret the war, but now she has the freedom to replay her mental videos as often as necessary to reach a final understanding of what she's gone through. "I practically drove myself crazy with thinking about it," a woman will say.Luckily, she loves her work in a marketing firm and comes alive there temporarily, but the world at the office has a sense of unreality for Alice, as if she were merely playacting there.At home the continual possibility that her ex will show up and another argument will break out hangs over Alice like a threat.

She's fearful of the intensity of her emotions and furious at herself for her inability to pull herself together. They are marked by continual encounters with her ex-husband that Alice dreads, en­dures, then reels from in the aftermath.

Gradually, through practice, the newly divorced woman comes to terms with the logistics of being a single woman and head of household.

At first, she may feel that she is going through the motions, but gradually she starts learning or relearning the ropes with respect to friends, dating, work, sexuality, the handling of finances, making child-rearing decisions on her own, and finding nonexplosive, painless ways to deal with her ex-husband in her unavoidable encounters with him.

As the answers to initial questions—"What went wrong? As questions regarding the past are answered, one by one they recede from her consciousness, and she is able to turn her attention to the present.

By the end of the normal six to eighteen months (though, remember, this is an average, not a strict rule), the healthy woman has laid the experience to rest.

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